KERN Phase contrast microscope OBN-15 Transmitted light microscopes




This series stands out through its wide-ranging phase-contrast feature
which goes beyond the standard OBN level of quality
A strong and continously adjustable 20 W halogen transmitted
illumination unit (Philips) ensures the optimum illumination of your
This series has a professional Koehler illumination unit with a
special height-adjustable PH universal rotary condenser which can be
centred as well as an aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm
The extremely large mechanical stage table with ergonomic, coaxial
coarse and fine focusing knob on both sides enables you to adjust and
focus your sample rapidly and accurately
The combination of a professional quintuple condenser wheel, the phase
contrast condenser and the Infinity Plan phase contrast objectives
makes the KERN OBN 158 a high-quality, fully-equipped microscope for
all applications related to contrast procedures
A wide variety of modular systems, such as, for example, a swing-out
condenser, various eyepieces, objectives. colour filters, a darkfield
condenser, a simple polarising unit through to complete fluorescence
units are available to you as accessories
This centring eyepiece for adjusting the phase contrast, a protective
dust cover, eye cups as well as multi-lingual User instructions are
included with the delivery
A C-mount adapter is required to connect a camera. You can select this
adapter from the following model outfit list


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