KERN OZO-5 Stereo zoom microscope




The KERN OZO-5 models are extremely robust stereo microscopes which
are easy to use with zoom function which can be operated from both
Due to its nature, column supports, as well as the integrated dimmable
LED with reflected and transmitted light, these models are
particularly flexible
All variants have adjustment options for dioptres on both lens barrels
In addition there is a trinocular model available, so that you can
connect a camera
These models are ideally suited for use in the quality control
department, assembly and repair workstations in the electronics and
semiconductor industries as well as in biological laboratories and in
But these models are also ideal for use in workplaces with harsh
environmental conditions, such as training companies, workshops and in
production facilities
The design of the optical system allows a greater depth of focus,
meaning that subsequent refocussing when magnifying the zoom is only
necessary in very few cases
Furthermore it offers precise resolution, high-contrast images, extra
large visual field and is completely colour true
Due to the extra large working distance, these models offer the
highest level of comfort through their large work surfaces
The range of optional conversion lenses, eyepieces, universal stands
and further accessories means that you can use this product in all
common and professional applications in stereomicroscopy
A central feature of this adaptable, robust microscope range is the
stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely. This is emphasized
by the functional and ergonomic design


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