KERN OZL-46 Stereo zoom microscope




The products in the KERN OZL-46 series are stereo zoom microscopes,
which will impress you with their quality, easy handling, flexibility
as well as their stability and economical price
The LED incident and transmitted illumination included as standard
guarantees the very best illumination of your sample
As well as excellent optical characteristics and their large working
surface, these models offer the highest level of comfort in this class
– ideal for training companies, workshops as well as assembly and
repair workstations, e.g. in the electronics industry
The zoom objective offers you continuous magnification from 7×–45×
The KERN OZL-46 series is available as a binocular or trinocular version
The pillar stand offers you the highest level of flexibility and the
freedom to remove the microscope head and to integrate it into other
modular systems, for example into a universal stand
A large selection of eyepieces, external illumination units as well as
auxiliary objectives are available as accessories
A protective dust cover, eye cups, as well as multi-lingual user
instructions are included in the scope of the delivery
A C-mount adapter is required to connect a camera to the trinocular
version. You can select this adapter from the following model outfit


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