KERN OZL-45R Stereo zoom microscope




The KERN OZL-45R models are extremely robust stereo microscopes which
are easy to use with large zoom range
Due to its mechanical stand it is particularly stable
These models are ideally suited for use in workplaces with harsh
environmental conditions, such as training companies, workshops as
well as assembly and repair workstations in the electronics industry
These models are also suitable for use in production facilities as
well as for quality control
As well as very good optical characteristics, its large working
surface means that it offers the highest level of convenience in this
The range of optional conversion lenses, eyepieces and further
accessories mean that it can be used in all common applications in
A central feature of this adaptable, robust microscope range is the
stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely. This is emphasized
by the functional and ergonomic design


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