KERN Inverse microscope OCO-2 Transmitted light microscopes




The KERN is a robust, stable inverse microscope which is very easy to
use, is ideal for all common routine applications, and which produces
excellent images
As standard, these binocular microscopes are fitted with with large
visual field , dioptre compensation and infinitely corrected
planachromatic lenses
A revolving unit for up to lenses, an installed camera connection
including a 0.5x C Mount Adapter and a kit for phase-contrast
microscopy are also included with delivery as standard
Depending on the model, a large mechanical, adjustable or fixed
specimen stage is fitted
The Abbe condenser with its aperture diaphragms and the large
operating distance of 72 mm and fine adjustment with a division of
0.001 mm round off the characteristics of this high-quality microscope
The following optional accessory items are available: Various
eyepieces, Lenses for a large working distance, a fixed specimen
A central feature of this adaptable, robust inverse microscope range
is the stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely


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