Durr VistaCam iX Intraoral camera systems




Durr VistaCam iX Intraoral camera systems
VistaCam iX – one camera, many options
Thanks to the innovative interchangeable head, five options are immediately available:
Cam interchangeable head for intraoral images
Macro interchangeable head for magnifying images 120x
Proof interchangeable head makes caries and plaque visible on occlusal and smooth surfaces
Proxi interchangeable head helps diagnose approximal caries
Polymerisation interchangeable head for light hardening

Technical Data     VistaCam iX PC Version
Connections     USB 2.0
Freeze frame module     via PC/Laptop
Multi-user application     Plug&Play, cable can be connected to handpiece
Triggering/activation     Handpiece (optional foot pedal)
Weight of handpiece (g)     50 (without cable)
Handpiece length (mm)     190
Power supply (5V)     USB
Transmission path (2.5 m)     USB 2.0, via cable


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