KERN OBD-1 Transmitted light microscope




The KERN OBD is an excellent, stable laboratory microscope with
integrated camera and infinity optical system, based on the OBL series
A strong and continously adjustable 20W halogen illumination unit
(Philips) ensures the optimum lighting conditions
The fixed, pre-centred and focusable 1.25 ABBE condenser with aperture
diaphragm and field diaphragm gives you a simplified Koehler
illumination, without having to move the centre
The large mechanical stage table and its specimen holder holds up to
two samples at the same time and is quick and easy to focus using a
coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob on both sides
A large selection of eyepieces, objectives and colour filters, a
simple polarising unit as well as further phase contrast units are
available to you as accessories
Multi-lingual software, USB cable, calibration scale as well as a
protective dust cover, eye cups and multi-lingual User instructions
are included with the delivery

Scope of application
Haematology, urology, gynaecology, dermatology, pathology,
microbiology and oncology, entomology, vets, sewage treatment plants,
water analysis, breweries, training


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