Durr VistaCam CL.iX




Durr VistaCam CL.iX
Cables, foot switches and stationary devices slow down day-to-day work in the surgery. The VistaCam CL.iX sets new standards here when it comes to mobility and flexibilty. With its capture ring or foot switch, The cable-free intraoral camera offers the therapist all the possibilities for ergonomic working. The images are transferred wirelessly and saved on laptop or PC.
The VistaCam CL.iX combines the image quality of the Dürr Dental IFC lens with the convenience of mobility. Its range of applications extends from diagnostics an the treatment chair and patient communication through software-aided documentation right up to endodonty and surgery.

Technical data     VistaCam CL.iX
Depth of field     Intraoral 24 mm, for structures up to 60 µm
Image display     true-sided or mirrored via setting at the camera
Image memory     in PC/laptop
Multi-user operation     Channels Selectable
Channels     5 Selectable
raio frequency     5.8 GHz ISM band (licemce-free)
Transmission path     designed for 1 treatment room or for mobile use
Resolution/activation     Handpiece (optional foot switch)
Batter     allows up to 45 minutes working time
Weight (g)     150


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